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Update on desk and life. How exciting!

Recently got into the entry level design class at the University in town as an open studies student. Glad that I got in because I’ll need this course to raise my Grade Point Average (GPA) in order to officially get into the University.

Bought a disgusting amount of 1/6 figures in the shortest period of time. I could probably buy a half decent car with that money as well. Re-thinking about the way I buy toys since they don’t bring that much joy into my life upon un-boxing them; albeit they do spark some artistic inspiration in me every now and then.

Confession: within three months I got FIVE 1/6 figures. These things are extremely costly and I need to slow down on the spending on any kind of toys. Period. Just recently started trading stocks, so I’ll be investing most of the upcoming income in stock purchases.

On the bright side, all five of these collectibles are gorgeous. Some pictures to show here. Also the current state of my desk. This was taken this morning; raw and pure. I didn’t organize sh*t before taking these pictures.

The Iron Man 2 cast. Just need the Mark II and Mark V to complete the set.

S.I.C. figures. Love the Double and Double Extreme set.

Project BM! Kamen Rider Skull. Impossible cool.

RAH DX Kamen Rider Faiz to go along with it. One of my favorite rider from my favorite Kamen Rider series.

Damn it I love this camera.

Hot Toys Mark VI. Gallery will follow soon.

Also got a 3DS, and I have no idea why I got it; will need to get rid of it somehow.

Got ta love blog updates like this.


Written by John L

May 22, 2011 at 12:11 am

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  1. Wow, you’re now a HT collector. Great to see you’ve grown up…


    May 30, 2011 at 4:30 am

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