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S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Double & Machine Hardboilder

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Longest post title or I spend too much money on toys? Both.

Got these around 2 weeks ago and haven’t had the chance to post this mini update ever since. I was sick for a while and exams came along to postpone this update. Curse those dreadful exams!

First up, Kamen Rider Double.

I don’t bother with the packaging because it’s not important; if you want to see the package, you would just Google it anyways.

Accessories: 4 pairs of hands (‘Pointing’ hands not shown), two scarves (one action, one non-action)



S.H.Figuarts’ head sculpts are never accurate, including this one. I got over the fact that it looks nothing like Double.

The black used on the Joker’s side is inconsistent. They use a nice matte black on the head, while the whole body gives off a cheap black plastic texture.

Switching of heads will need a bit of work since the knob is very small.

Feet are made from die-cast; adds a little weight to keep things balanced in difficult poses.

Just goes to show how flexible the S.H.Figuarts’ body is.

Just a pose with my SIC Kamen Rider IXA.

Next up, Machine Hardboilder.


No silver paint at the bottom of the V-vin. A tad bit disappointed.

Front; wheels removed. Shows the vents.

Front and back can be detached to connect with the other expensive S.H.Figuarts attachments.

Number 1. What font is that? Helvetica CY?

Back wheels moves can go down like a real bike. I like that detail.

Overall, I really like this combo. The price is not too high, and I always appreciate something colourful on desk. If you ask me “would you buy another S.H.Figuarts?”, I would have to say no. The head sculpt from this series is ridiculously off, and the body is too slim. I only bought this combo because I love Double so damn much.

Here’s a photo that was taken with my phone, moments before I wrote this sentence because I didn’t have another photo to end this post. Cheers.


Written by John L

February 9, 2011 at 9:13 pm

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