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Tron: Legacy

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I was very hyped for this movie. Bought the tickets 2 months ahead, and ended up watching it three times.

Many said the movie has a boring storyline, and I could partially agree with that; while the storyline gives off the typical ‘save dad from the evil’ vibe, the continuation from the first Tron movie really helps make the movie more enjoyable. Now, I do know that it’s not required to watch the original, but I would recommend you to do so before watching this movie. As for me, I’m more into it for the visual effects and Olivia Wilde. It’s definitely worth the money to go watch it a few times.

Olivia Wilde is incredibly fit in the movie, and I’m definitely paying a lot more attention to her. You should follow her on Twitter,@OliviaWide.

Disney has put a lot of moolah on the advertisements for Tron: Legacy, and I would love to get some Tron-related toys. Hong Kong based toy maker, Hot Toys, made two figures of Sam Flynn & Light Cycle and Kevin Flynn. If Hot Toys comes out with a Quorra figure, I would buy it as soon as it comes out.

Please Hot Toys. Please. Quorra. CLU, Rinzler.. all those. Please make release all those cool figures.


Written by John L

January 17, 2011 at 5:53 pm

Posted in Movies

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