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Perfect Grade Strike Freedom Gundam GET

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“Resistance is futile”, the Perfect Grade Gundam said.

Yes, even after all those complaints I have made; I have bought the PG Strike Freedom Gundam. One major push to my purchase is because Japan Post paid for 2/3 of cost + shipping. Long story short: I bought another Perfect Grade from AmiAmi a while back; Gundam arrived completely destroyed; received full refund.

Even at the discounted price of 20000 yen, this beast is still smaller than its’ predecessors in terms of packaging. The box is relatively smaller than that of the PG OO Raiser (comparison coming soon.) I have also checked the runners as well, and I have to say.. the amount of runners and LEDs and gimmicks do not justify the price of 25000 yen. I bought the PG 00 Raiser for the same price, and there were almost twice as much runners, and twice as many LEDs and gimmicks included.

For the mean time, head over to the gallery for more pictures of the box.


Written by John L

December 31, 2010 at 12:09 pm

Posted in Gundam, Olympus E-P1

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