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Perfect Grade Strike Freedom Gundam

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Another rare release of a Perfect Grade Gundam.. question is, are there a lot of difference in Perfect Grade and Master Grade now-a-days?

Let me answer that question for you: very few.

Other than the obvious 1/60 (PG) and 1/100 (MG) size. There’s really not a whole lot to differentiate between the two grades anymore. Sure, the PGs have nice joints and cool LEDs, but that’s about it.

MGs now have full internal frames, nice articulations, and some even bear LEDs. The PG-fication of the past few years’ MGs have made the Perfect Grade less and less tempting. Take the original RX-78-2 Gundam for example; when the first RX-78-2 was released in MG, let’s me honest, it looked like pure horse shit to today’s MG standards. Everything that could be wrong were on there: poor articulation; terrible design; disgusting “inner frame”, and such.

The PG version of the Strike Freedom looks like a bloated version of the MG Strike Freedom in my opinion. Instead of just directly porting the Gundam to PG with the traditional PG formula, Bandai should’ve invested more time in detailing the Gundam itself. PG Strike Gundam is a perfect example.

Speaking of which, I currently have three unbuilt Perfect Grades lying around my house: Gundam Mk-II Titans, Gundam Astray Red Frame, and OO Raiser. I don’t even know where to begin as I have a wall of MGs and HGs unbuilt. Where to begin?

I have my PG Strike Freedom Gundam pre-ordered, but I’m considering canceling it. I’d rather save that money and buy some stocks.

On the other note, I purchased the Jambox by Jawbone 2 weeks ago. I might just put up a review on the next post. Stay tuned.

Pictures of PG Strike Freedom from GTOYS. Strike Gundams comparison belongs to Dalong.


Written by John L

December 5, 2010 at 12:07 am

Posted in Gundam, iPhone 4, Technology

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