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So how does it feel to own a pair of $500 earbuds? Well, I can say that it’s quite an accomplishment for me.

I’m such a materialistic bitch.

Listening to them as I type; they are great. Short review on these orgasmic earbuds:

  • Three amazing drivers means they bring out everything. Things that you never thought was in a song, but has always been there.
  • You will keep turning the volume up because otherwise you won’t be able to hear all the awesome details.
  • Noise isolation for these are great. (If you put it on properly.)
  • Cord is not as stiff as previous models’ cords. (e.g. My SE310.)
  • Putting them on is a pain. Requires you to wrap it to the back of your earlobe.
  • Cord is annoyingly long.
  • No mobile controls for iPhones, extremely inconvenient.
  • Makes anything lower than 256kbps sound like completely shit: flat and soulless.

That’s it. I’ve been dreaming about owning the SE530s for years. So when Shure came out with these improved version of the already oh-so-awesome earbuds, I went and grabbed it right off the shelf when it came out.

I now have a pair of SE310 just laying around, doing nothing.

Now back to my college assignments and studies.


Written by John L

September 18, 2010 at 8:22 pm

Posted in iPhone 4, Life, Music, Technology

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