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I never thought that I would like another Anime show ever again, but here I am. Drooling over the trailer for the second episode of Gundam Unicorn.

Ever since I got back into gunpla building a few months ago. I’ve watching some Gundam shows, here and there. The whole Gundam franchise is huge, consisting of multiple different timelines and countless characters. When people think of Japan, they think of Gundam.


Among many timelines in the franchise, there is only one timeline that I’m interested in watching: Universal Century. UC is the original timeline since debut of the first Gundam series Mobile Suit Gundam, and has the richest background and supporting stories of all timelines.

Released as novels, Gundam UC is now an anime series, with an episode released once every months; and the second episode of Gundam UC is about to debut in October of this year.

As for gunpla kits, I have the MG Sinanju and MG Unicorn Gundam with MS Cage, seen from my other blog post.

Eagerly waiting for the second episode to come out; the debut of Full Frontal is going to be mind-blowing.

Now I want the Titanium Finish MG Sinanju. More. Sinanju. More. Char Aznable Full Frontal.

There is no way that I can make “Full Frontal” sound appropriate; Japanese people and their weird naming systems.


Written by John L

July 27, 2010 at 10:08 am

Posted in Gundam, Movies

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