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New iPod line, iTunes, iPhone OS 3.1

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What a bunch of new and exciting boring Apple news we have today.

Nano with video capability, faster and bigger capacity Touch and Shuffle, major iTunes upgrade, iPhone OS 3.1. Wow, what exciting boring news.

In the nutshell, it’s a bunch of refinements for the entire iPod line.

I’m most impressed with the new iTunes 9. I’ve just downloaded it and it’s looking great, with new home sharing and refined UI.

IMO, these iPods are getting a bit less interesting everytime they refresh it. It’s time for a redesign and/or introduce new iPods (tablet, anyone?), yet Apple has just been refining their products the whole year. Refining refining refining.

The ads are also getting really dull, it all seems the same. Look, I’m a guy who LOVES simplistic design and all, but the problem is that these ads hardly have any sense of simplistic design in it at all. Sure, you can call it “simplistic”, but definitely not “simplistic design”; it’s just plain dull. Has Apple lost its artistic touch?

Remember the iPod nano 2G ads?

That was cool.


Written by John L

September 9, 2009 at 2:59 pm

Posted in iPhone 3G, Technology

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