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I recently found this theme called MobilePod SpringNav on Cydia and decided to give it a try.

Usually, themes from Cydia are basically a change of wallpapers and icons, and maybe some UI colour changes and stuff like that; otherwise the whole UI is the same. But SpringNav is different, it changes the way I use my iPhone.

SpringNav uses all 9 pages of the iPhone. But worry not: you do not have to scroll through pages of apps. Instead of cluttering your iPhone with pages of apps, SpringNav suggests the use of Categories (an App from Cydia), which you can use to group up all the similar apps together in one page inside one icon. It also uses SpringJump, another app from Cydia, which lets you jump to pages in just one click.

The theme is nice, the UI is nice, but a problem is that it causes my iPhone to freeze more than before I installed SpringNav. This theme, as pretty as it looks, uses quite a bit of memory to operate, so I wouldn’t recommend it if you like to keep things running super smooth on your phone.

Head over to FIF7Y to download the theme.

Revised by Albert Kim.


Written by John L

May 18, 2009 at 5:09 pm

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