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Sudden “belt” rush

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Every since Decade’s pictures “leaked” in late 2008, I was getting a bit more excited, day by day. And if anyone (if there is anybody here) who reads my blog since last year, you’ll know that I collect Kamen Rider belts, you can see my post and reviews of the belts from last year here and here. Instead of buying my KR Decade belt from HLJ this year, I turned to the rather new CS Toys International for this year’s Rider belt purchase. And the only reason is because I saved 1 dollar for buying it from CS Toys, oh and also if I order it from HLJ it will take another extra day before they ship my belt out.  I heard a lot of great reviews from people about CS Toys, so I decided to give it a shot. (I’m not saying HLJ is not good, they’re damn good, just that CS Toys was a wee bit better this time.)

The guys at CS Toys also have a live broadcast of their packing process every Tuesday and Friday so went on the live broadcast page and saw my own box of the Decade belt (It’s called Decadriver if you wonder.) getting packed! It was a nice experience as I never did this before. Also had a little chat with the owner of CS Toys on the live chat, he’s a really nice guy and would like to talk to him again.

Here are some pictures of the packing process, if you wonder who JohnLeHater from the live chat is, that’s just my buddy Menard playing a joke on me.

And there’s more!

After ordering and watched my Decadriver getting packed and shipped out last friday, I saw a sale earlier this week… the Kamen Rider DX SAGA BELT from last year’s Kamen Rider Kiva series. It’s too cheap, I couldn’t resist, and so I bought that from HLJ a few days ago, and they shipped it last night.

So two belts are currently flying across the Pacific Ocean towards me… It feels great, you know?


Written by John L

February 7, 2009 at 12:04 am

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