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Was out at the mall with Menard yesterday and we decided to go to Pho Hoa for lunch.

Speaking of pho… everyone knows what that is, it’s a vietnamese style soup noodle that is filled with beef and etc. I was first introduced to it when I first came to Edmonton 5 years ago, I ate it and went: “This MSG soup is awesome!” I started going to Pho Hoa more often after that.

Pho Hoa is “the largest Vietnamese restaurant chain in North America with locations in almost every city where Asians densely populate.” – stolen from their site. I remember going to another pho place in the city and the taste is completely different. I’ve got to say, Pho Hoa did a good job in whatever MSG they’re putting into their soup.


Written by John L

August 26, 2008 at 11:52 am

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