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I got the iPhone 3G

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If you still haven’t notice from my twitter updates on my front page of the blog, yeah, I got the iPhone 3G.


The box is much thicker than the iPod touch’s box, but the design is very similar.


Box includes: iPhone 3G (now shown here), warranty info and documents, cleaning cloth, apple stickers, tiny charger, USB cable, iPhone headset.


The tiny little charger for US and Canada iPhone 3G owners, very small and fits a bit better in the pocket.


A not-so-accurate comparison between the iPhone and the iPod touch, the iPod touch feels significantly slimmer on hand.


The screen for the iPhone 3G has a warmer color to it, as Steve Jobs said: it’s an improvement. I think so too, the iPhone 3G’s yellow-ish screen looks better than the iPod touch’s screen.


Got this INCASE iPhone case for $29.95 from the Apple Store at West Edmonton Mall, the silicon is much harder and tougher than those soft silicons.

There are more high resolution photos and comparison in this gallery, feel free to comment!


Written by John L

August 25, 2008 at 8:05 pm

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