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Wow, haven’t blogged for a while haven’t I? I guess the lack of new rider updates to report and having a life after the music history exam is over are the causes of why I’m not blogging lately.

Even though I’m busy with all those, I just have to say this: I’m getting my first phone and it’s going to be the iPhone 3G! I will be getting it this Sunday. I was having some money problems because I’m hosting this party but it’s all good now thanks to the financial support from my friend Menard! Thanks bro.

If anyone ever read this, I’ve been busy working out and working at Sportchek selling shoes, the job’s pretty cool, all though my feet do hurt after a while, but that’s okay. This job is much better than my previous one, I kinda like it.

Even if I’m busy with life, I will still update this blog with the latest rider updates, and a bit of my life obviously!


Written by John L

August 12, 2008 at 11:28 pm

Posted in Life, Plain Blogging

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