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I saw, touched, and fondled with the iPhone 3G

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Today after summer school, I took the normal bus down to WEM as usual. When I got off the bus, I literally ran towards the mall. After all this time, it’s finally here.I basically speed walked to the closest Rogers store and immediately saw the phone – on a white glossy stand, on there stood the iPhone 3G, on top of the new iPhone 3G dock.

… some guy was standing in front of it looking at the description on the white stand in front of the iPhone, I gave a glare and he moved. I quickly picked up the iPhone and put it in my hand… it’s light, it has a glossy black back, flushed headphone jack, volume button and vibrate switch… it’s b-b-b-b-b-beautiful.

Enough with the fancy girly talk, was at the Rogers store and saw the iPhone 3G, tried the GPS and found out I was on the north side of the mall, fancy.

Tried the phone feature, and all that jazz. You know, the sensor where when you put something near the iPhone surface while on a call will turn the screen off. etc.

Tried the camera feature, just the same as what I saw from Gizmodo a year ago when they release the first iPhone.

Tried SMS, but it didn’t work because there was no carrier.

New scientific calculator is nice, you have no idea how handy a calculator is, for an asian.

Push email is awesome as f***. BlackBerry is screwed.

Talked to the white guy in Rogers and they said it is not necessary to get the outrageous $60 plan but instead I can get the $30 MY5 plan with $30 6GB data plan, I knew this 2 days ago. I just stood there and nodded “mhmm mhmm” Got a few pamphlet on the data and voice plans and moved onto another Rogers store.

Second Rogers store was at China Town (inside the mall), the chinese lady said it’s better to get the $30 6GB data plan, because if I *accidently* clicked on any apps that requires internet I will be charged for every single MB I downloaded. I “meh” and moved on to the Fido store opposite to the Rogers store, still inside China town area.

The chinese guy there is nice, but said the lowest plan is $35, and also told me about the *acccidently* thing.

Went to a Fido booth outside the Chinatown area with ANOTHER asian lady, asked her about the plan and said I HAVE to get the $30 6GB data plan or else.

What the heck is with these asians, doing extreme hard sell.

I will definitely get the iPhone, it’s just a matter of weeks.

Great photo from Gizmodo.


Written by John L

July 11, 2008 at 7:57 pm

Posted in Life, Plain Blogging

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