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I am angry, at the crazy Rogers iPhone plan and this douchebag

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So this douchebag says, “I can afford an iPhone in Canada and if you can’t, shame on you for not making enough money.”

Well, if you think you can afford it, oh wow, like good for you, no one cares.

The douchebag commented on my blog here, man if he/ she didn’t comment on my blog, I wouldn’t be so pissed.

Go buy your iPhone 3G with the $115/ month Rogers plan with features that’s not worth $115. I don’t care, I want MY plan to be cheaper.
The douchebag goes on and say how he/ she loves the new Rogers plan for the iPhone 3G and he/ she then links to a few sites where they gave out positive comments on the new Rogers plan. Then he/ she goes on and link to a huge amount of sites where people expressed their “negative” feelings and comments towards the crazy Rogers iPhone plan, he/ she then wrote:

These really, really negative blog posts are the fault in part of irresponsible media for publishing that Rogers was going to introduce flat rate web surfing for $30 a month.

I have never read so many angry blog posts about a massive price reduction. iPhone 1 owners had to spend way more to buy and use the iPhone on the Rogers network.

What the hell is this guy thinking. Roger’s iPhone 3G plans are extremely expensive for the majority of the Canadians, most of the Canadians simply can not afford it. The Canadians are so angry at the Roger’s retarded plans they decided to speak up, and the media is picking it up, like Fortune, ars, Gizmodo, and so much more.

Notice his very last link under the “negative” links part, it actually links to his/ her own blog.

Now if you want to support the angered Canadians like me, go to RuinediPhone and sign the petition.

Like seriously, he/ she is a fucking asshole.

Awesome picture from Gizmodo.


Written by John L

June 29, 2008 at 4:07 pm

Posted in Life, Plain Blogging

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