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Crazy Rogers iPhone plan

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There is a follow-up to this blog post, go here and read it.

Engadget found the price list for the upcoming iPhone 3G plans from Rogers. All I have to say is: fucking ridiculous. Just look at this table here:

The cheapest plan is $60, and the other data plans with a phone plans for other phones cost only 40… I just need more mins and more txt msging.. They do know that the iPhone 3G is cheap and kids like me can afford it right? What is wrong with those douchebag.. I might not get the iPhone 3G afterall… or will I? (unlock, move to fido or something)


Written by John L

June 27, 2008 at 9:44 am

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  1. I think you ment ‘bandwidth’ (download or data usage), not ‘storage’. And if you don’t need at least 400mb of data use per month (Internet), then the iPhone is not for you. The whole point of the iPhone is to surf the web on the go.

    By the way, Fido, owned by Rogers, has the same price plans. And what is the point of using an unlocked iPhone if you have no 3G data (Internet) access?


    June 27, 2008 at 10:26 am

  2. 150 minutes is nothing, also with 75 SMS included with the plan you are unable to add anymore. I send around ~2,500 SMS a month, at $0.15/sms that’s $375 a month in overages on text messages alone!

    Right now with Fido they have 300 anytime minutes, call display call waiting voice mail, 2500 sms, 2500 im, unlimited internet for $60/mo, beat that.

    What ridiculous pricing.

    Also fido has new data plans:
    Flat rates

    30$ for 300MB,
    60$ for 1GB,
    80$ for 3 GB,
    and 100$ for 6GB

    All have unlimited emailing from a Fido WM phone (only otherwise no emailing) and all plans are eligible for all Phones Fido or not, using any browser and for tethering.
    Also, any MB over up to 60 MB is only 0.50$/MB and over 60MB is 0.03$/MB.

    Flex rates

    $50 – up to 500MB
    $65 – up to 1GB
    $75 – up to 2GB
    $85 – up to 3GB
    $100 – up to 5GB

    I read your post on your blog, if you can afford a iPhone, good for you. Some people are just Apple fan boys and want to own something Apple created. If you want to go on and piss off people with your blog, don’t leave a comment here and let me see it.


    June 28, 2008 at 10:14 am

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