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3G iPhone pics leaked? I say it’s a pile of utter bullcrap

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CrunchGear released this post here claiming that they have the new 3G iPhone (or the iPhone 2, if you call it) pictures leaked and up. I’d say they’re just bullshitting, and I’m kind of mad about how CrunchGear announce the 3G iPhone pictures.

Sure, CrunchGear did found some real pictures of the 3rd Gen Nano when before it was released, but then look at this screen shot that I took from the page of them leaking the supposedly 3G iPhone pictures, now before you look at it closely, just give it a really quick 5 seconds glance:

What do you see up there, if you just look at it for 5 seconds? All you can see is the headline, the picture, and probably the orange fonts in the bottom saying “were later told by Apple’s legal team to take them down.”

A lot people do not read carefully, if they don’t read carefully, they will think the Apple’s legal team is telling CrunchGear to take these supposedly 3G iPhone pictures down, but if you look closer, it’s mentioning about the old 3rd Gen iPod Nano. CrunchGear really is sneaky this time, and that somehow drives me mad. Why do that? Gizmodo’s Jason Chen think these pictures might be real, but I’d really say they are shooped (photoshopped) and are obviously not real, if you need some proof, go to Engadget.

I really don’t like CrunchGear’s strategy of blogging. 2 thumbs right down.

P.S. The douchebag on the screen of the fake iPhone provides a further proof of that these pictures are fake, Apple will never put a doofus like that in their ads.


Written by John L

June 7, 2008 at 12:12 pm

Posted in Plain Blogging

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