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I don’t quite remember exactly how I got into the show, but I have to say, NBC’s The Office is the one and only American show that I ever really got into it. It’s full of humor and drama, it’s this one show that you know if you don’t watch it, you will really miss out. The relationship between Jim and Pam… and the love triangle with Dwight, Andy, and Angela.. Michael Scott as the Manager.. and how Jim and Pam doing pranks on Dwight… it’s packed with everything.

I have all four seasons of The Office in my hard drive and I just keep on watching them over and over again. A few months ago when the writer’s strike started I was really depressed, they’re going to stop the production of the best show ever! Well after the long wait, they’ve announced that The Office will be back on with new episodes on April 10. I just can’t wait to watch the new episodes.

If you’re interested, just search it up on Google and you will find a lot of videos.


Written by John L

March 30, 2008 at 7:18 pm

Posted in TV

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