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Ironman The Movie

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At the very beginning of 2007 or something like that, when I heard that they’re going to make a Ironman movie I thought that it’s just going to be another superhero movie, but after watching the last two trailers I completely changed my mind, I swear to god this movie is going to be the BEST superhero movie, BEST.

Watch the latest trailer on IGN, that trailer totally blew my mind, Tony Stark is the most best ass playboy-type superhero I’ve ever seen, just watch they trailer, you’ll know what I mean. Fantastic Four, Superman, Spiderman… they’re all crap. (Althought I have to admit that the upcoming Batman is very promising.) Ironman is the coolest superhero I’ve ever seen so far, I mean, no natural super powers, just pure technology.. wonder if those Ironman suit kinda armor will actually turn into reality when I’m at my 30’s… =D

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Written by John L

March 1, 2008 at 2:20 pm

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