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Here in WordPress, it’s nothing like Windows Live Space. (I’m going to use Space with a CAPITAL S from now on.) Because no flashy icon will flash beside your name when you update your blog and sometimes people with strong curiosity will click on my link, which sometimes I don’t want specific people to read my blog etc etc you get the idea. Now I don’t have to worry about this anymore because this is WordPress and no one reads my blog anyways.

I was raised in Hong Kong for 11 years and therefore I was raised with Cartoons and Power Rangers and and all kinds of toku, out of all of them, I like Kamen Rider the most, no reason for it, I just love it. At that time Kamen Rider was stopped because Toei decide to stop producing it, the very first ones I watched were Black RX and ZO.. I still have VCD for ZO, good watch.

Henshin (Transformation) of the two Riders in the last year’s Kamen Rider series “Den-O”.

I don’t tell EVERYONE I know that I like to watch Kamen Rider because here in Edmonton they will think I’m “childish” and I watch “Japanese Power Rangers”, seriously, what?

Just want to make things clear here, I will be posting some Kamen Rider posts so if you don’t like to read it you can just close this window and.. never come here again?


Written by John L

February 24, 2008 at 11:24 am

Posted in Kamen Rider

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